Can I use a Seresto dog collar on a cat?

Seresto has developed a specific size and fitting collar for cats. This collar is slightly softer and delicate for feline use. It is also customized to meet the specific needs for sensitive cat skin and hair. If your cat is constantly outdoors, ensure that it is protected from pest infestation with the Seresto cat collar.

The cat collar is outfitted with an adjustable strap designed to fit cats of all sizes. The eight-month effective period will ensure that your cat can roam freely without worry of irritation or exposure to harmful diseases.

The cat collar comes with an optional reflector to ensure that your cat is visible and safe at night time.

These collars protect pet cats from ticks, fleas, and lice with the same effectiveness of the dog collars. The fitting for the cat collar is different from the dog collar, but please be sure to use the correct collar for the correct animal and size to ensure the effectiveness and comfort of your pet.

Can I use a large collar on a small dog?

There are a variety of sizing options available for their dog collars. There are two classifications of collars: large (dogs over 18lbs – 8.2kg) and small (dogs under 18lbs – 8.2kg). To ensure the maximum effectiveness of the flea and tick preventing compounds as well as comfort for your dog, we recommend that you choose the proper sized collar.

Make sure to get the proper weight of your dog before purchasing a Seresto dog collar to ensure you purchase the right size.

The rugged, yet the safe design of the dog collar ensures that the collar will stay on, but an emergency latch-braking system will ensure that your dog will never be caught up by its collar in case of emergency.

Can I bathe my dog with the collar on?

The dog collar is designed to be water-resistant, allowing your dog to be bathed with the collar on. The lingering effects of the pest preventing compounds will remain, keeping your dog protected at all times. The collars are designed to last for up to eight months. The compounds will stay on the hair and skin of your dog, but if you do manage to wash heavily, be sure to allow the chemical compounds from the collar some additional time to re-spread across your dog’s body.

Can the Seresto collar get wet?

This product is completely waterproof, making this a perfect option for dogs that love to swim or play out in the rain. The active compounds will remain effective throughout all seasons and weather to ensure that your dog is protected from pests at all times.

The rugged and resistant design of the collar provides all-season, all-weather protection for your dog.

How long does the collar take to work?

The Seresto Dog collar is designed to kill existing fleas on dogs within 24 hours after applying the collar. After application, allow the collar 24-hours to kill re-infesting fleas on contact. Full protection from fleas and ticks begins after 48 hours of application. Ensuring your dog’s hair and skin is clean and clear will help provide faster coverage.

What are unique features of the design of the Seresto dog collar?

The advanced design of the collar is made to provide a comfortable and safe fit for your dog. The leading ratchet release system ensures that the collar can be customized to fit any dog size dog. The collar also features a breakpoint that is pre-determined to ensure that your dog does not get caught by the collar.

Does the collar expire?

Seresto has provided all of the essential storage directions on the tin can that the collar comes in. There is no expiration date, but it is recommended to keep the packaging sealed until you are ready to apply it to your dog.

Where are collars made?

Seresto is a subsidiary of Bayer Animal Health. Bayer Animal Health is responsible for the production of these Dog Collar. As a globally recognized brand and leader in pet and household products, Bayer manufactures these collars for customers in plants around the world.

Will Seresto collars kill existing fleas?

The leading scientific design of the collar is meant to kill fleas and ticks immediately. If there are existing fleas or ticks present on your dog, please take the time to manually remove them to ensure your dog is healthy and safe. If you are concerned about the spreading of fleas, this collar will help prevent spread by killing fleas and their eggs.

The fast-acting compounds can help prevent further spread and removal of fleas, but be sure to take the time to manually remove existing ticks and fleas before putting on the collar to ensure maximum effectiveness and comfort for your furry friend.

It is especially important to remove preexisting ticks before putting on the collar, as ticks can quickly spread harmful blood-borne illnesses that can be highly dangerous to your dog’s health.

If you are noticing that your dog is itching or exposed to a tick, it is a sign that the eight-month effective period is up. Be sure to keep a good record of what date you put the collar on your dog to be ready with the next collar after the eight months.

What size collar does my dog need?

There are collar fittings that can be customized to dogs of a variety of shapes and sizes. The main distinguishing factor of choosing a collar is your dog’s weight. If your dog is under 18lbs (8.2kg), then choose the smaller collar option. If your dog weighs over 18lbs (8.2kg), then choose the larger option. Choosing the right fitting collar will not only provide your dog with comfort but also helps the active compounds to be as effective as possible.

Seresto’s dog collars are designed to fit dogs of all types and provide the essential safety features in the latch to ensure that your dog will never be caught by the collar with the intuitive emergency-release mechanism.

How does Seresto compare to other repellents?

The leading formula of the dog collar provides long lasting coverage that competitors such as NexGard, Frontline Plus, Bravecto, and Simparica. The competing repellents are temporary solutions, only providing up to month of protection per use. The collar has a slow release formula that provides long-lasting coverage for up to eight months.

Are the collars safe for dogs?

Not only have scientific studies researched the amazing effectiveness of Seresto dog collars, but they have also determined that the compounds in the collar are safe for mammal contact while providing the precise effectiveness to ward off ticks and fleas.

The levels of Imidacloprid and Flumethrin are measured precisely to ensure that there is no toxicity or harm to mammals, birds, or fish. The chemical compounds are only lethal to insects if they make contact with your pet, killing pests and invaders in a matter of 12-24 hours.

Seresto dog collars are safe for dogs of all sizes and ages but do not use them on puppies under seven weeks old. The chemical compounds are also safe for human contact. When adjusting the collar or after initially applying the collar, remember to wash your hands.

How does the collar kill ticks?

Alternative methods of tick prevention for dogs require the tick to bite your dog to die, but this still may expose your pet to harmful disease. The Seresto dog collar has a unique sustained release technology that allows your dog’s hair and skin to be coated with protective compounds that kill ticks on contact. Either the tick will die or it will move off of your dog, as it will not bite your dog’s skin. This protection lasts up to six months in any season or weather type. It is still recommended to check your dog routinely for ticks.

The combination of two insecticide chemicals Flumethrin and Imidacloprid help fight off parasites and insects that attempt to latch on to your dog’s skin or hair. These two ingredients have been scientifically researched to ensure that the perfect levels of Imidacloprid and Flumethrin are present in the dog collar. These levels ensure that the Seresto dog collar protects from fleas and ticks for up to eight months, while also protecting your dog’s skin and fur. The slow-release and spread of the two active compounds provide unrivaled long-term protection.

The combination of Flumethrin and Imidacloprid prevents ticks of all sizes and ages and will also combat flea infestations, killing fleas at any point in their life cycle. The active compounds have been proven to be effective immediately, killing ticks and fleas 12-24 hours after making contact with your dog.